Which Lucasfilm Harrison Ford Are You?

Are you the Stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking, nerf herder or the courageous archeologist? Han Solo or Indiana Jones? Find out here!

Created by Gaiana
On Mar 29, 2017

In a Savanah, you find ancient jewelry that could be worth millions. What do you do with it?

Which Lucasfilm character do you like more?

Traveling in an underground cave, you find a sacred box. According to a stone tablet you interpreted, it is very dangerous if opened and you will die. Do you open it?

When you're in danger, what gun do you prefer to use?

Do you have a beard? (Long or short, doesn't matter)

What do you think about school?

Who is your son?

Would you ever join a rebellion?

Finally, who do you want to be?

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones

You're intelligent, a teacher, but adventure is right up your ally. Being an archeologist, you have a son, Mutt Williams, and married Marion Ravenwood. Your personality is very daring, brave, and courageous. You would do anything to protect ancient artifacts and save slave children from devil worshippers. But you still have to face a lot of bad guys and booby traps too. Always remember, you always survive and always win! : ) Please Subscribe!

Han Solo

Han Solo

You're a smuggler turned rebel hero. Chewbacca is your BFF, and Leia is your wife. Sometimes though, you can annoy Leia but she still loves you, and also sometime you and Luke argue about the Force. You always want to get paid, but then you realize be a rebel is so much better than paying your boss, Jabba the Hutt. Together, the 3 of you and Chewbacca make a great team for the rebellion! : ) Please Subscribe!