Do You Know Europe's Top Tourist Cities?

Amsterdam, Barcelona, Istanbul, Paris and London are THE tourist magnets of Europe. Do you know which of them is the most expensive city, which has the most sun hours and which has the most sights to visit? Test your knowledge!

Travel Homie
Created by Travel Homie
On Nov 2, 2015
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Which of these cities has the most inhabitants?

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Which of these cities attracts the most tourists?

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Which of these cities has the highest amount of sunshine per year?

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Which city is - statistically - pickpocket capital of the world?

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According to globeshopperindex, which is the top shopping city of Europe?

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Which of those cities is the rainiest?

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A city break to which city will cost you the most? (travel costs excluded)

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And which is the cheapest one?

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According to leading travel guides, which city offers the most sightseeing attractions?

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And which city has the most "Tripadvisor Travellers' Choice" award winning attractions?

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Which of these cities is the safest?

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Bonus question: Which animal is the mascot of tripsuit, your personalized travel guide?

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