@TalkColonyTV trivia for Episode 2.01 Eleven.Thirteen

See how much you remember from COLONY episode 2.01

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On Jan 14, 2017
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Will is considering leaving what?

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Who does Katie NOT pick up on the day of the "Arrival"?

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What group are the recruiters that visit Snyder representing?

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Who does Devon say is helping her pay for her new house?

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What is the house number for the home of Alan's ex and daughter?

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Katie tells Charlie that _______ does not belong at the table.

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When Will and Devon first arrive at the FBI office, how many VIPs have gone missing?

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When Katie calls Maddie, her sister is checking toys for what product?

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Where is Maddie's husband travelling to on the day of the Arrival?

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Before Alan is recruited for Proxy, what is his job title?

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Charlie tells Will that the Dodgers have signed a pitcher from what college?

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Who does Will ask for in the Santa Monica Bloc?

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Who "pulls strings" so that Katie can visit Bram in lock-up?

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What facility explodes after Broussard leaves?

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Who does Will go to for help at the end of the episode?

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