Is The Portable Herbal Vaporizer A Device Worth Your Consideration?

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Is The Portable Herbal Vaporizer A Device Worth Your Consideration?

There has been a great improvement of dry herb vaporizers for the past 5 years. The latest devices are smaller yet very powerful. Note that the terms marijuana, weed, dry herb and cannabis in the world of vaping all refer to one and the same thing. The portable herbal vaporizer can be used with tobacco or for aromatherapy but is naturally designed for vaporizing cannabis. Here below is a guide to this device and why you need to consider it

What is dry herb vaporizer?

To know what the portable herbal vaporizer is, we need to have a brief look at the history of vaporizers. Originally, vaporizers were large in size. These are nowadays referred to as desktop units and they still work great and are useful in some circumstances. The need of having pocket size vaporizers has led manufacturers to get in to more research and so you can now get marijuana vaporizer that can easily fit in to your pocket. When they were first introduced in to the market, portable herbal vaporizers were quite expensive and the high price tag discouraged the switch to vaping. The entry of various brands and models in to the market has helped reduce price and so you can get quality herbal vaporizer for even less than $200.

Portable vaporizer versus dry herb pen:

The portable herbal vaporizer should not be confused with weed vape pen. The greatest advantage of the latter over the former is discretion and portability. However, it is important to note that the slightly larger size of portable vaporizer means that it brings more power and features such as temperature control, battery life indicator and LED screen.

Convection or conduction?

The terms convection and conduction may be used often when choosing portable herb vaporizer. You need to know what they mean so you can make the right choice.

Simply put, conductor means the vaporizer uses heat conductor, such as for example a surface which gest heated so it can heat the weed. This process of heating gives stronger hit but without proper control it may heat the weed so much that it almost burns up. Conduction has the advantage of heating up the herb fast. In conduction, there is need of stirring up the loose leaf so it gets vaporized evenly.

In convection, the device heats up air and the air in turn heats the weed. The heating process by convection takes longer than conduction, but produces better flavor. Also, with convection, there is no need of stirring up the loose leaf so it gets vaporized evenly.

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