Take Back the Lunch Break with Tork: How Do You Stack Up?

Taking a lunch break has been shown to boost productivity, engagement and even happiness at work, according to new research from Tork. That’s no small feat for a short break.

We want to hear from you – are you reaping the benefits that come with taking lunch? Take the survey below and see where you stack up compared to 1,600 other employees surveyed in North America.

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On Jun 12, 2018
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How often do you take a lunch break?

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Thinking about the times that you have taken a lunch break in the past month, approximately how long was your average break?

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Which of the following factors prevents you most often from taking a lunch break more often or for a longer amount of time?”

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Do you feel comfortable leaving your desk to take a lunch break?

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Should employees be encouraged to take a regular lunch break?

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What do you feel is the biggest benefit to taking a lunch break?

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