Can You Survive This Sin City Trivia?

Sin City is a pretty rough place to stay. Between the criminals and the cops there isn't much room to make an honest living in the entire city. Will you come out on top, or will this quiz crush you?

Tibby Zupan
Created By Tibby Zupan
On Mar 29, 2017
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"Sin City" is the nickname, but what is the city's true name?

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Hartigan saves Nancy but is betrayed by his partner _____.

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These ladies run which part of the city?

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After being framed, Marv goes to see his parole officer. What is her name?

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Hartigan shot Junior three places, which of the following was NOT one of them?

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Which of the Old Town girls betrayed the others?

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How old was Nancy when she was saved by Hartigan?

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Dwight trades Jackie Boy's head to save who's life?

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Which Roarke sent Kevin to kill Goldie?

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Jack Rafferty held the rank of _____ in the police department before his death.

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Nancy sends Hartigan a letter while he's in prison every week, for how long?

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What is it that kills Hartigan?

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Who attacks Dwight at the tar pits?

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What was the name of the bar where Nancy and Shellie work?

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Who is Becky talking to on the phone, when she meets "The Salesman" in the elevator?

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