How Well Do You Really Remember The First Pirates Of The Caribbean Movie?

"You best start believin' in ghost stories, Ms. Turner - You're in one!"

Created By Thorin
On Aug 31, 2015
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Which material does James Norrington half-expect Jack Sparrow's sword to made of?

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How does Jack Sparrow escape the gallows at the end of the film?

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What is Mr. Gibbs' first name?

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Which of these characters never committed mutiny?

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Which of these characters does not take the cursed gold out of its chest?

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Which Port does Jack Sparrow take Will to in order to find a crew?

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By what means do Jack and Will travel underwater to the HMS Dauntless?

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Who is the most skilled swordsmen in the first Pirates movie?

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What century does Pirates of the Caribbean take place in?

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How many years passed between the mutiny on the Pearl and the curing of the curse of Cortez?

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How do Will and Elizabeth first meet?

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How many girls slap Captain Jack Sparrow in the face while trying to find a crew with Will?

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What trade does Will pursue during his years in Port Royal?

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How does Elizabeth Swann know Mr. Gibbs?

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When being read his crimes, which does Jack Sparrow chuckle at?

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What is the name of the ship that Jack and Will commandeer?

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What is the name of the island that Cortez's cursed gold is kept on?

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