Which Pokemon Go Team Should YOU Join?

Instinct, Mystic, or Valor?

This Guy Inc
Created By This Guy Inc
On Jan 12, 2017

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Spark believes the key to success is following one’s instincts and believing in their Pokémon’s innate abilities. Go for Team Instinct if the idea of closing your eyes and trusting in the Pokémon themselves appeals to you, or perhaps if you’re generally the kind of person to have faith and trust that things will work out.



While Team Instinct is guided by trust and gut-feelings, Mystic is guided by calmness, wisdom, and intellect. The team’s bird is Articuno, the creature with the ability to control the cold, which is appropriate for a group defined by maintaining a cool head rather than giving into emotion. Think of it as the Jedi Order of the Pokémon world.



Team Valor, which is driven by the idea that power is the most important element of the Pokémon world; Valor members are driven by passion and strength above all else, as opposed to the tranquility of Mystic and the faith of Instinct. Candela mentions in her introduction that she’s researching how to enhance the Pokémon’s natural power. Think of this as the House Targaryen of Pokemon Go.