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Drone versus Idiots
(c) 2015 Fox
"If you can't beat em, drone em!" - Phil
The case of the missing Haley
(c) 2015 Fox
"Let's review. She's been moody, eating weird food, getting nauseous. She left in the middle of the night for a wedding chapel in Vegas with her secret love, and most suspicious of all, she bought a book!" - Claire
AwesomeLand gets Claire-jacked
(c) 2015 Fox
Claire: Welcome to the insane asylum of from hell!
Phil: That's what it feels like.
Won't you please NOT be our neighbor
(c) Fox 2015
“I'm in kind of in a delicate spot -- stuck between my wife and the guy next door, but I'm pretty sure I can satisfy them both simultaneously.” - Phil
Cam's Cat-astrophe at the Faculty Follies
(c) 2015 Fox
"My confidence caught in my throat like a three-day furball. I couldn't up stunk up the place worse if I'd performed in a litterbox." - Cam
Moldy house, crowded hotel room
(c) 2015 Fox
“It's a body spray called Sex Grenade. One of the divorced dads in the hotel recommended it." - Luke
The day Phil became a talking Roomba
(c) 2015 Fox
"I was devastated to miss Alex's graduation, until I realized I didn't have to...Bet I was the only dad there not wearing pants." - Phil
The 5-mile dash for valedictorian
(c) 2015 Fox
"Wait, I just thought of something! I’m going to be the first woman in my family not to get pregnant and drop out of college." - Alex
Girls and "Guncles" gone wild!
(c) 2015 Fox
"Yes I'm a huge dork for celebrating my 21st with my family, but my mom was crazy excited to go to a bar with me, or just go to a bar." - Hayley
Phil + Nigella = a juicy...turkey!
(c) 2015 Fox
"I listened to her meringue instructions in the car last week. There was so much whipping and beating I had to pull over." - Phil

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