The Toughest Smoking Quiz

How well do you actually know your smoking habit? Take the quiz. You won’t believe these 5 astonishing facts about smoking.

The Swap and Drop
On Dec 1, 2015
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Imagine you smoked 10 cigarettes per day, for 30 years. If you had never started smoking, which of the following things could you have bought instead?

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Now imagine that you’ve been a smoker for 12 years, smoking 20 cigarettes per day. In the time you’ve spent smoking, what else could you have done?

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All cigarettes contain tar, a sticky residue which is also carcinogenic (it causes cancer). If you smoked 20 cigarettes a day for 40 years, all the tar you’d inhaled would weigh the same as what?

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If you smoked 20 cigarettes a day for 25 years, and lined up every cigarette end to end, how long would the line of cigarettes be?

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Say you smoked 10 cigarettes for 15 years, how long would it take for the body to start healing after you quit?

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