Ultimate Saved by the Bell Quiz

Get ready for a Zack Attack and test your knowledge of the '90s teen sitcom.

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What was the name of the high school where "Saved by the Bell" took place?

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The friends hung out at a cafe a lot. What was its name?

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What was Slater's nickname for Zack Morris?

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What was Screech's real name on the show?

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Jessie, Kelly and Lisa formed a singing group in the famous caffeine pills episode. What was the name of the group?

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Mario Lopez played a character named A.C. Slater. What did A.C. stand for?

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Hot Sundae was supposed to sing "I'm So Excited" for some music industry big shots at The Max. Who made the song a hit?

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In the early years, Screech had a robot friend. What was the robot's name?

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In the episode "All in the Mall," the friends are trying to get concert tickets for this artist.

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Kelly injured her arm during cheerleading photos and left the gang to watch her baby brother. What was his name?

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Mr. Belding's brother was a substitute teacher in an episode. What was the brother's name?

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In the very serious homecoming episode, the gang was drinking and driving and listening to this song when they crashed Lisa's mom's car.

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What was the name of the beach club where the gang worked one summer?

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When the gang worked at the beach club, a girl was shy and trying to get Slater's attention. Who was the then-unknown actress?

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Who won the Miss Bayside competition?

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Jessie's mom remarries and she ends up with a jerk of a stepbrother from New York. What's his name?

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Jessie's wicked stepbrother took over her room and put a poster of this punk band on the wall.

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What was the name of Slater's pet chameleon that died under Zack's care?

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They find oil at Bayside and everyone is happy until an oil spill happens and kills a beloved duck. What is the duck's name?

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Who taught driver's ed at Bayside High?

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What is Jessie's dream school that dashes her hopes when the snobby representative finds out her SAT score?

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What did Zack Morris score on his SATs?

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Kelly is going to be a model in this European city, but Zack tries to sabotage it.

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Jessie's dad gets remarried in this Southern California destination. What city is it?

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The gang reimagined a classic with "Snow White and the Seven Dorks." Which role did Slater play?

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Who was the killer in the murder mystery weekend episode?

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Screech got a girlfriend named Violet Bickerstaff. Name the actress who played Violet.

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Zack started a teen relationship advice line to make some cash. What was his alias?

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Later on in the show's run, a new, no-nonsense character who rode a motorcycle joined the cast. What was the character's name?

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Name the "Party of Five" star who was an extra in a few episodes.

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