Comic or Con?

In New York Comic Con style, Lance puts Meredith, Lilliana, Megan, and Yamaneika's comic book character knowledge to the test!

The Meredith Vieira Show
Created by The Meredith Vieira Show
On Jun 30, 2016
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Powdered Toast Man:
He can shoot high velocity raisins from his mouth, hyper corrosive crutons from his armpit, and hyper acidic marmalade from his belly button.

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Her alter ego is a legal eagle who attended UCLA School of Law. Her life changed forever after she was shot by mobsters and received a blood transfusion from her cousin: the HULK.

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She was once a revered scientist whose elemental experiment went wrong. It reduced her to a ruthless villain and an abomination of nature. Water, fire, earth and wind rage through her body and wage war with her mind.

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Prince Robot IV:
He hails from planet Robot Kingdom, and is the son of King and Queen Robot. He’s both a fighter and a lover, and longs to make Robot babies with his beloved wife, Princess Robot. He nearly died in battle, but a hamster medic saved his life and later an alligator midwife delivered his first-born son.

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