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On Aug 2, 2018
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Review: Brian Grilli’s Deep South Symphony by Jessica Troche 

With his rugged style and unique voice, Brian Grilli has generated quite a buzz in the country-rock world. His newly developed album Deep South Symphony was released early this summer. Produced and recorded by Andy Andersson, the 10-track Deep South Symphony contains a plethora of notable musicians featured on the record. 

Brian’s experience as a former U.S. Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician and an Operation Enduring/Iraqi Freedom Combat Veteran, has given him the opportunity to create music to give back to his community. He is a current Ambassador for the Boot Campaign and is an avid supporter of the Combat Wounded Coalition, Wounded EOD Warrior and the Navy SEAL Foundation. 

Brian’s catalog of accomplishments include, writing songs featured on Sons of Anarchy, sharing stages with country stars such as Blackberry Smoke, Brantley Gilbert, Florida Georgia Line, Eli Young Band, and Thomas Rhett. It is no wonder why Brian Grilli has gained as much stardom as he already has. His album Deep South Symphony is his most personal and most mature songs to date. Brian Grilli keeps it real on this record and there’s nothing we love more than an artist who can put it all on the line. Released by the Spectra Music Group, Deep South Symphony contains a classic blend of modern country with powerful guitar riffs that gives a feeling of modern rock. Each song is like a puzzle piece that once played from beginning to end fits perfectly well together. There is so much emotion and personal experience in his lyrics that blend together seamlessly and help the listener escape into his lyrical world. Brian’s vocals are worth noting, mostly because of his raspy sound and grittiness. His song “Keep on Keepin’ on” centers around a painful and bad breakup and as many of us who have listened to songs that revolve around these types of situations, what separates this song verse from others is that Brian’s rawness and personality is quite evident. You hear and feel his pain and like most of the songs on this album, Brian paints a vivid picture that lets us visually interpret his heartfelt lyrics. Another song on the album that helps create a perfect mental painting is the second track “Obsession”. The smooth intro of the guitar and talk-style vocals give a more emotional raw listening experience, almost as if he were right in front of you. It tells a story of someone who is in a relationship and is stuck in an on again off again cycle of feeling used which is something I think we can all relate to. 

The ability to paint a picture whilst singing is something that not all artists can do, but Brian Grilli has mastered this art and with that I believe that many listeners can listen and relate to his stories. Whether you love country or not much of a listener, Brian Grilli’s Deep South Symphony can help change your mind. Brian is soon to be on the road in support of his new album and is well on the way to becoming a household name. 

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