QUIZ! Premier League 2015-16 In 12 Questions

With the Barclays Premier League kicking off last week, it's time to get back on form with these quick-fire questions.

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On Aug 10, 2015
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A player who’s found to be feigning injury to get an opponent sent off could face what punishment? Choose one

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New rules govern the confrontation of match officials. But what’s changed? Choose one

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A new code of conduct for the managers’ technical area may see any incidents classed as what in the first instance? Choose one

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If you watched any of the matches this weekend, you'll have seen the new Premier League ball. But what colour is it?

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Who is the most recently appointed manager in the Premier League?

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And which club does he manage?

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Striker Conor Wickham left Sunderland for which Premier League club?

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Left-back Robbie Brady left Hull for which Premier League club?

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Which defender left Hull for West Brom?

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Striker Aleksandar Mitrović left Belgian team Anderlecht for which Premier League club?

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A record number of Premier League games will be shown live on television this season. How many will air?

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Which 16-year-old midfielder started for West Ham on Saturday?

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Joey Barton is reportedly poised to sign for which Premier League team?

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Liverpool won 1-0 over Stoke on Sunday, but what was the score of their previous encounter at the end of last season?

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