TFF Weekly Football Quiz: 48 (17/2/17)

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The Football Forecast
On Feb 15, 2017
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Alan Pardew achieved a rate of 0.80 Points Per Match in charge of Crystal Palace, but what is Sam Allardyce's Points Per Match? (Transfermarkt)

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Gabriel Jesus suffered a fractured metatarsal on Monday. But how many goals had he scored up until now for Manchester City?

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Who is the currently the top goal scorer in this season's Champions League? (BBC SPORT)

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Which of these Premier League duos has created the most goals so far this season? (Transfermarkt)

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How many goals were scored in Tuesday's round of Championship fixtures? (BBC SPORT)

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Who is currently the Championship's top goal scorer? (

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Who scored twice this week for PSG in their 4-0 win over Barcelona in the UCL?

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Which Championship side has the smallest capacity in the Premier League? (

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Harry Winks signed a new deal keeping him at Tottenham till 2022. But how old is he? (BBC SPORT)

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Which one of these clubs are not in the top three of the all time Premier League table? (transfermarkt)

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