TFF Weekly Football Quiz: 47 (10/2/17)

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The Football Forecast
On Feb 8, 2017
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How many points are Leicester above the relegation zone? (Transfermarkt)

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Which team has picked up the least amount of points in the Premier League this calendar year (2017) (Transfermarkt)

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Coventry beat Wycombe 2-1 to reach the FA Trophy final at Wembley. But how many years has it been since their last visit? (BBC SPORT)

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Who would currently be bottom of the Premier League if only away games counted? (Transfermarkt)

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Bill Gates was offered the chance to buy Liverpool. But why did he not? (SKY SPORTS)

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Which of these players did not get sent off in the second leg of Barcelona and Atletico Madrid's Copa Del Rey match? (BBC SPORT)

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Romelu Lukaku has scored how many Premier League goals so far this season?

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Djibril Cisse this week announced his retirement from playing football. But which of the following is not one of his plans for a new career? (BBC SPORT)

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Who won PFA Fans' Championship Player of the Month for January? (SKY SPORTS)

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Roma set a new home record of consecutive wins in the Serie A this week. How many games have they won at home in a row? (BBC SPORT)

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