TFF Weekly Football Quiz: 44 (20/1/17)

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The Football Forecast
On Jan 18, 2017
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Who did Lincoln City beat this week in their FA Cup third round replay?

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Which Egyptian player became the oldest player to play at an African Cup of Nations this week? (BBC SPORT)

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Swansea completed the signing of which Swedish player this week?

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How old is Everton's latest young starlet Tom Davies? (SKY SPORTS)

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Patrick Bamford recently was recalled by Chelsea from which club? (SKY SPORTS)

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Former England manager, Graham Taylor, sadly passed away last week. In tribute to his great career, how long was he in the England job for? (Transfermarkt)

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According to SPORT BILD, Xabi Alonso is set to retire this Summer. But, in which year did he join German giants, Bayern Munich? (Transfermarkt)

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Which team are currently top of the Serie A? (SOCCERWAY)

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How many goals has Andy Carroll now scored in the Premier League this season? (TRANSFERMARKT)

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Which one of these four La Liga stars has currently scored the least amount of league goals this season? (BBC SPORT)

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