How Well Do You Remember 2015?

A lot of things happened this year. Do you remember enough to reminisce at the New Years party next week?

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On Dec 23, 2015
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Which very important breakfast item did McDonald's shamefully leave off their all-day breakfast menu?

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How many new iPhones were released this year?

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Who won Best Actor at the Oscars?

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Which movie grossed the most in the box office?

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Which country legalized same sex marriage first?

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Which car company came under huge fire after it was found out that they had been rigging their diesel emissions tests?

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Which of these singles was NOT released in 2015?

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What did NASA find on Mars in September?

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Homo Naledi, a previously unknown species of early human, was found in which country in September?

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Which actress was sued for stealing someone's pet chicken 25 years ago?

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When did this occur?

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Who won the Emmy for “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series?”

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Is Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman a prequel or sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird?

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Voice actor Harry Shearer quit “The Simpsons” in May, and then decided it was the wrong decision and came back a few months later. Which character did he NOT voice?

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Which was the only grand slam title Serena Williams did NOT win in 2015?

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