The Late-90s Alt Rock Quiz You’ve Been Prepping For Since Childhood

You may not have had a semi-charmed kind of life in the late '90s. Or had Mark McGrath’s frosted tips (but you probably did). But if you had a PULSE you’ll probably ace this quiz about 90s alt-rock.

The Asterisk
Created By The Asterisk
On Mar 29, 2017
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Bob Dylan’s son, Jakob, led which band?

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Name that pre-chorus:
“Can't be held responsible / She was touching her face / I won't be held responsible / She fell in love in the first place”

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Name that bridge:
“I alone am the one you don't know / You need take heed, feed your ego / Make me blind when your eyes close / Sink when you get close, tie me to the bedpost / I alone am the one you don't know / You need, you don't know you need me / Make me blind when your eyes close / Tie me to the bedpost”

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What’s the name of that Blink 182 song? You know, the one that’s like, “And it’s happened once again, I’ll turn to a friend,” something something, “Well I guess this is growing up!”

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Which band’s lead singer sported frosted tips in 1997?

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Which band did NOT appear on 1998’s Can’t Hardly Wait soundtrack?

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Lit scored big with which song?

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Who called Smash Mouth’s '90s hits “probably some of the best-written songs ever?”

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Which band scored a #1 hit with a song about reusing condoms?

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Which song was originally released without lyrics due to its graphic content?

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According to Billboard, what was 1997’s biggest alt hit?

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Which of these bands released their breakout album in 1996?

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Which band was NOT from California?

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Which vocalist is now a YA science fiction novelist? (hint: it’s not the one who went “Walkin’ On the Sun”)

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Who’s this dude?

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“I remember the stupid things, the mood rings, the bracelets and the beads” is both a decent summary of the '90s AND a line from which Third Eye Blind jam?

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