The Safer Internet Day Quiz 2018

To celebrate this years Safer Internet Day 2018, here are 10 questions for you about Internet security and privacy!

Created By thatsnonsense
On Feb 6, 2018
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What relationship is a Trojan Horse to malware?

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Malware that tells you that you are infected with viruses to trick you into downloading and purchasing fake antivirus software is called what?

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An email telling you that you are the beneficiary to an inheritance is likely to be what type of scam?

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A new set of EU regulations this year is likely to affect how social media websites deal with privacy controls. What are the EU regulations called?

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You get a friend request on Facebook from someone you're already friends with. What type of scam could this be?

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You get an email from someone you don't know recommending you invest in a certain stock. What scam is this likely to be?

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When you see a padlock or a letter S next to http on the web address bar, what does that mean?

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What is 2-Factor Authorization?

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In urban online slang, what is flaming?

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What is a botnet?

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