We Gave This Dog Knowledge Quiz To 50 People And Only 2 Passed

Everything you know, you learned from dogs. Right?

Terry Stein
Created By Terry Stein
On Feb 25, 2018

The average life expectancy for dogs is _____ years.

The gestation period of a dog is _____.

On average, how many puppies would a female dog have in one pregnancy?

Dogs are America's most popular pets.

Dogs see only in black and white.

Dogs hear better than humans.

Dark chocolate is toxic to dogs.

Name this breed:

Now name this one:

Keep naming:

Go on...

Now name this one:

And this one...

And finally, name this breed:

You aced it!!

You aced it!!

You totally aced this dog knowledge quiz. You are undoubtedly a dog person. Dog people are sensitive and profound, and they have deep thoughts and emotions. Dog people are daydreamers, preoccupied with their own thoughts. They also love the outdoors and are fascinated by experimenting and testing themselves.

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You totally failed this one. You must be a cat person… right??