Score 14/15 And Your Intellect Is In The 99th Percentile

The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.

Terry Stein
Created By Terry Stein
On Jun 25, 2018

What is the largest bird in the world?

Pick the odd one out:

What is the currency of Norway?

Which of the following Presidents is not carved on Mount Rushmore?

What band featured Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers?

What is the square root of 4,096?

What are the Roman numerals for 2018?

Which word best expresses the opposite meaning of "resilient"?

Who wrote Snow White?

Which sport features the terms: love, deuce, fault, serve and volley?

Virus is to Vaccine as Exam is to _____.

The equator passes through which of the following continents?

Pick the odd one out:

What is "Texas Hold’em"?

How many Squares are on a Chessboard?

Perfect score!!

Perfect score!!

You're at the top of your game. Your intellect is in the 99th percentile. As a highly gifted individual, you have personality traits that set you apart from 99% of the population. You have unusual, original ideas. You easily connect seemingly unrelated notions. You have a superior ability to reason. You have a very vivid imagination. Your vocabulary is rich. Your long-term memory is excellent. You have deep, complex thoughts.

Moreover, like most geniuses, you probably stay up late, swear a lot, and ask embarrassing questions… right??

You aced it!!

You aced it!!

You almost aced it!! You’re a sarcastic perfectionist with an unusual sense of humor. Like most geniuses, you love cold showers, you talk to yourself, and you’re probably annoyed by the sound of chewing… right??

You blew it!!

You blew it!!

You really messed it up...