Only People With Grammar-OCD Passed This Test

This is the hardest grammar test ever created.

Terry Stein
Created By Terry Stein
On Dec 20, 2017

1 H4V3 4 73RR1BL3 H34D4CH3. 1 R34LLY N33D 70 ______ D0WN.

1F Y0U'R3 51CK, 4R3 Y0U N4U53473D 0R N4U530U5?

7H3 574ND1NG H31GH7 0F 4 B0DY 15:

15 'F1R57LY' 4 W0RD?

P1CK 4 5YN0NYM F0R 'C0N50N4N7':

7H3 W0RD '1R0NY' M34N5:

WH1CH 0F 7H3 F0LL0W1NG 15 GR4MM471C4LLY C0RR3C7?

PL3453 H4ND 7H3 CH3CK 70 J0HN 0R ______.

P1CK 7H3 C0RR3C7 5P3LL1NG:

1F 5H3 H4D 0FF3R3D W1N3, 1 W0ULD H4V3 W15H3D 70 ______ 50M3.

5P3LL 7H3 PLUR4L 0F 7H3 W0RD 'PH3N0M3N0N':

1 C4NN07 ______ F0R 7H3 B357 F0R Y0U.

1F 1 ______ Y0U, 1 W0ULD 5K1P 70WN 70N1GH7.

P1CK 7H3 C0RR3C7 57473M3N7:

"______ W0RD5 4ND M0R3 4C710N."


P1CK 4 5YN0NYM F0R '1N171473':

4N 3L3V473D 57RUC7UR3 1N 4 CHURCH 15 4N:

15 '1RR3G4RDL355' 4 W0RD?

7H3 W0RD 'C0MP3LL3D' M34N5:

4ND 7H3 W0RD 'UL71M473' M34N5:

1F 50M3B0DY 15 'B3MU53D', H3 15 _____.

P1CK 4 5YN0NYM F0R 'CR00K3DN355':

Nailed it!!

Nailed it!!

Way to go!! You passed a grammar test that only people with Grammar-OCD can.
You are passionate about reading, writing, and grammar. You can easily decode words, grammar, punctuation, and numerical symbols. You look for patterns and consider problems from a number of viewpoints, and you can read aloud with fluency and ease.
Only 0.5% of the population can pass this test. Keep it up… and share it with everyone you know!!

You do not have Grammar-OCD!!

You do not have Grammar-OCD!!

You failed. Give this tricky grammar test another shot, and SHARE it with everyone you know.