Only 80s Kids Can Spell The 50 Most Iconic Movies Of All Time

If you are a true 80s kid, this is a sure-fire way to trigger your memory and sensitivity. Keep in mind that only people with exceptional IQ can make it all the way through without quitting.

Terry Stein
Created By Terry Stein
On Apr 22, 2017

Can you spell this movie?

And can you spell this one?

How about this one?

Not bad, keep spelling...

Go on...

Perfect score!

Perfect score!

You are definitely an 80s kid. You have exceptional IQ, refined sensitivity, and a romantic soul. 80s kids enjoy solving problems, especially with numbers and puzzles, and think in purposeful and insightful ways. You must be a proud intelligent 80s kid. Share the news with the world.

You are definitely not an 80s kid!!

You are definitely not an 80s kid!!

You are not an 80s kid. When were you born? Let us know in a comment bellow, and be honest!!