Only 5 In 80 Americans Can Name The Most Popular Mexican Dishes

Buen provecho!

Terry Stein
Created by Terry Stein
On Feb 19, 2019

Let's start off easy. Name this Mexican dish:

Now name this one:

How about this side dish? Can you name it?

Keep naming (hungry yet?)...

Go on...

Felicitaciones!! You nailed it!!

Felicitaciones!! You nailed it!!

You are one phenomenal foodie! You love exotic foods, and your favorite thing in life is traveling the globe and trying unique dishes on every street corner. Share your remarkable score with everyone you know, and keep up the good job!!

You totally failed this:(

You totally failed this:(

Total Failure!! When you eat, you probably enjoy the food without paying much attention to detail. Is this true? Be honest... and SHARE this 'Popular Mexican Dishes' quiz with everyone you know.