Can You Spell The 19 Everyday Words Only 5% Of High School Students Can?

Even though must score at least 12/19 to pass this drill, isn't it shocking that only 2% of high school students can?

Terry Stein
Created by Terry Stein
On Jun 25, 2018

It was really _______.

A page at the beginning of a book is a...

Marriage is a serious _______.

Pick the correct spelling:

She really knows how to ________ her guests.

He didn't give up _____ he learned how to spell every word.

When the house is dirty, my husband...

All students must fill out the _______.

We have the strangest...

I never _____ that word!

What's the correct spelling?

You won the ______!

Relax, and have another...

During the Vietnam war, there were _______ objectors.

We're going to study in the...

Valentines day is on _______ 14th.

I have a _____ personality.

Please call the _______ man.

The correct spelling is...



Way to go!! You're an intelligent and careful speller!! You can correctly spell the 19 words that only 5% of high school students can. You are sharp-eyed and insightful, and your vocabulary is rich and extensive. Are we spot-on? Let us know in the comments, and SHARE this spelling drill to test your friends.



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