Can You Pass A Basic English Test From 1950?

“The past is always tense, the future perfect.”

Terry Stein
Created by Terry Stein
On Jul 8, 2019
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Which is spelled correctly?

If I ______ you, I would leave now.

Divide 20 by half and add 30. What do you get?

A preface or an introduction is a _____.

Neither one of you ______ ready to work tonight.

Please hand the letter to Eric or ______.

Linda kissed ______ last night?

A signal for action is a _____.

If she had offered wine, I would have wished to ______ some.

Pick the best synonym for 'consonant':

______ keys are on the table?

A synonym for "SATISFIED" is _____.

My motto is: _____ words and more action.

Do you mind if I ______ until the rain stops?

A group of musical notes is a _____.

Which of the following is grammatically correct?

I feel sad for you, but your sister ______ care less.

Some artists use a piece of coarse fabric for oil paintings. It's called a _____.

Pick the best antonym for 'grimness':

Which is spelled correctly?

If something is related to the mouth, it's _____.

We ______ for the best for you.

The heavy rain ______ the entire region.

If you ______ down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

After failing his finals, the student was ______ in the town square.



You aced a basic English test from 1950! Only 5% of Americans can score this high. You must be well-read and very intuitive. You think for yourself and always trust your gut.

Let us know in the comments if we’re spot-on!



Like 95% of the population, you failed this basic English test from 1950. You must be highly neurotic. You have vivid and excessive fantasies that often involve elaborate scenarios.

Let us know in the comments if we’re spot-on!