The 10 Biggest Announcements from E3 2015

E3 is the biggest week on the gaming calendar — find out which huge titles we'll be playing over the coming year.

Terry Raynor
Created by Terry Raynor
On Jun 17, 2015

Gears of War 4

As well as a remake of the first game in the series, Microsoft confirmed that next year will see the release of Gears of War 4. Not much is known about the title at this point, but a short gameplay demo demonstrated that top-tier graphics and unflinching violence remain at its core.


Star Fox Zero

We've known that a new Star Fox game has been in the works for some time, but E3 informed everyone that the title will be known as Star Fox Zero. More vehicles and some interesting use of the Wii U controller makes this one an interesting prospect for Nintendo fans.


Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

Uncharted 4 has been delayed to 2016, but fans of the series will be able to relive the first the instalments in this new compendium. Think of it as the PlayStation equivalent to Halo: The Master Chief Collection, but hopefully with less glitches and bugs.


The Elite Controller for Xbox One

Hardcore gamers are always looking for the next edge over their competition, and this high-spec controller from Microsoft looks to deliver just that. Players will be able to customize everything from its thumbsticks to the sensitivity of its triggers — but at $149.99, this power comes at a price.


The Last Guardian

Long-forgotten by many, this follow-up to cult classics Ico and Shadow of the Colossus has been in development hell for years. Thankfully, it's now been rescued, and it looks just as promising as when it was announced almost a decade ago.


Sea of Thieves

Rare is one of the most well-loved companies in all of video games, so the announcement of their 30th anniversary retrospective collection was met with a very warm reception. However, their new pirate MMO looks just as exciting as any game in the past.


Dark Souls III

Fans of the brutally difficult Dark Souls series are no doubt praising the sun already — a third entry is on its way. Offering the same technical combat and punishing bosses, it's being pitched as the final chapter in the franchise.



Made by a team that features staff that worked on Metroid Prime and Mega Man, this title is one of the freshest we saw at this year's E3. Gameplay looks set to revolve around power cores that can be inserted into a host of different robots. Different machines will offer different abilities, that can be used in puzzles as well as during combat.


Shenmue III

Another title thought to be an impossibility is being developed thanks to Kickstarter. It's thought that the third entry in the beloved Shenmue series will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive, despite the fact that previous titles launched on the Dreamcast and the original Xbox.


Final Fantasy VII Remake

Fans of the Final Fantasy series have been clamouring for a remake of its seventh instalment for years. The PlayStation 3 was launched alongside a tech demo of how such a game might look, but the real thing will see release on the PlayStation 4. Square Enix has hinted that this time, the story might not play out exactly how you remember it doing.

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