The Walking Dead's Most Heartbreaking Death

Vote on what you think is The Walking Dead's most heartbreaking death

Created by Telfie
On Aug 2, 2016

Which character from The Walking Dead do you think had the most heartbreaking death?

Lori Grimes - died giving birth to Judith

Andrea - shot herself after she was bit

Dale -shot by Daryl after having his stomach partially eaten

Sophia Peletier - Carol's lost daughter, found in the barn

Lizzie and Mika Samuels - "look at the flowers, Lizzie"

Hershel Green - beheaded by the Governor

Beth Green - shot in the head by Dawn

Jessie, Sam and Ron Anderson - killed by walkers

Noah - the revolving door will never be the same

Tyreese - bitten by a walker, arm hacked off, bled to death

TDog - killed by walkers

Denise - an arrow through the back of the head

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