Quiz Of The Year – Part One

This is the formidable Telegraph Sport Quiz of the Year. Good luck.

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On Mar 29, 2017
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Which global event was opened by Hayley Westenra (pictured) singing "You Raise Me Up" as Richie McCaw and Peter Jackson looked on?

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Who was caught on camera abusing Tomas Berdych in a tirade lip-readers said was littered with the use of the 'f-word'?

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Which Arsenal player’s father defended his son by saying: '[He] made a mistake but please look at the defence. Per Mertesacker has the agility of a rhinoceros.’

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Which cricketer’s autobiography was published with the title 'Rhino'?

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Which tournament’s opening match was delayed by six minutes after one team refused to accept the other’s ploy to make them face the crowd first?

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Who was made a Companion of Honour in the New Year’s Honours list 43 years after winning Olympic gold in Munich?

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Who announced his retirement with the admission, “I’m probably the only person who is going to miss bouncing off the floor. I know I’m never going to find anything to replace that buzz”?

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Abstinence from what was the cause of Peter Lawrie’s slump according to the golfer who announced in February that he had now resumed his 'habit’?

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How many sixes did AB de Villiers hit in reaching his hundred off 31 balls in the second ODI v West Indies at Johannesburg?

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Which Formula One team official was caught on camera relieving himself by the side of the track during testing in Jerez and inadvertently diverted attention from his car’s mechanical issues?

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What did 'The Flying Scotsman’ win at 'Chucking 'em Palace’?

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Which seven-times European champion football team were ridiculed for selling their team bus in a cost-cutting measure?

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Who became the youngest rugby union player to win 50 caps with his appearance in the France v Wales match?

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Who recorded a song with the opening lines: “We are going to fight, I am going to fight to the world” to use as his entrance music for a world championship bout?

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Who hit four centuries in seven matches at the Cricket World Cup and promptly retired from ODIs?

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Laura Trott (pictured) was the only Briton to win two medals at cycling’s World Track Championships but in which two events?

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Which England U21 striker scored four goals in the 7-0 FA Cup third-round defeat of a Vanarama National League side?

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What disputed reason did Robert Allenby claim as the reason for withdrawing from the Bob Hope Classic in January?

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What went from being pentagonal to hexagonal in 2015?

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Who was treated like Anthea Redfern at the Australian Open and asked by a male interviewer to “give us a twirl”?

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Which three-times major champion won his first Tour title for seven years at Palm Beach Gardens in March?

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What, apart from their team, links Alex Cuthbert, Jonathan Davies (twice) and Sam Warburton in the 2015 Six Nations?

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How long was Steven Gerrard (pictured) on the pitch for Liverpool’s Premier League match against Manchester United before stamping on Ander Herrera and being sent off?

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Which two batsmen scored double centuries at the Cricket World Cup?

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Who played his final Masters, ending his Augusta run at 32 over par for two rounds?

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