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Questions adapted from The Health Choices textbook by Informed Health Choices

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On Apr 5, 2018
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Researchers studied people with stomach pain before and after taking a new medicine and found that participants felt better after taking it. Can we be sure the new treatment is good for stomach pain?

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Your friends tell you to rinse your ear out with hot water when you get an earache. You follow this advice and after a few hours the pain disappears. Does this mean hot water is the best way to treat earache?

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You have a rash on your leg and you buy the most expensive cream in the shop. Is it better than the other creams because it's expensive?

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A headache expert has been talking about a new treatment which she says is good for treating headaches. Can we be sure she is right?

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You've been having difficult breathing and you've read about a new treatment which may help you. How can you be sure that the medicine will not harm you?

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