How Well Do You Remember 80's Kids TV Shows?

Kids TV shows took us into our own world and gave us many hours of entertainment and fun. Let's find out what you remember from these great times!

Ted Fuller
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On Apr 13, 2017
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Who was the loud, funny, and obnoxious character on the show Rainbow?

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Which popular 1980's show was originally shown during the 70's?

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How did The Wombles help the environment in their 80's TV show?

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What year did the show Play School end?

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How long did The All New Pink Panther Show run for?

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What language was "The Magic Roundabout" originally shown in?

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In the opening sequences of Crackerjack, what was the phrase they introduced the show with?

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What did the show TISWAS stand for?

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Which 80's children's TV show did a rude "spoof" episode which was accidentally aired in Australia?

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Since the show ended, which legendary TV character retired to the Rupert Bear museum in Canterbury?

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Where in Britain do The Wombles live?

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What nationality is the Pink Panther?

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Who famously hosted the show TISWAS?

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