How well do you know the Toddler CLASS dimensions?

Take this fun quiz to test your knowledge of the toddler CLASS tool. Can you match each scenario to its best-fitting toddler CLASS dimension?

Created by Teachstone
On Oct 11, 2017
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As the teacher sets up for a music activity, she says, “I can tell Harper is ready because she is sitting and listening.”

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Although the rest of the children are finished finger painting, the teacher notices Trey is still interested in the activity and keeps the paints out so he can keep working.

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Asia has a runny nose. The teacher says, “Time to wipe your nose” before she uses a tissue to wipe it.

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During story time, the teacher says, “Jaylen, you’re going to have to stand in the corner if you can’t sit quietly.”

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While the children play with cardboard tubes, the teacher says, “Mariana is looking through the tube!” as the child does it.

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After Delilah stacks one block on top of another, she runs to the teacher to share her accomplishment, exclaiming “I did it!”

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Mario is counting four orange balls and says, “One, two, three.” The teacher responds by pointing to the balls and saying, “Almost there. One, Two, Three, and then …?” He finishes the count by saying “Four.”

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During a snack of carrots and apples, the teacher talks about the ways the carrots are different from the apples in taste and feel.

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