Orange Is The New Black Or Human Rights?

Can you tell which of these is a OITNB plot line and which is a real UK human rights case?

Created by RightsInfo
On Jun 17, 2016
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A transgender inmate has her dose of hormone replacement therapy reduced as a result of budget cuts.

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Two women inmates were stopped from sharing a cell because they were in a sexual relationship.

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While searching for a lost screwdriver, a prison guard molests an inmate.

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A mentally ill prisoner was murdered by another mentally ill prisoner.

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A foster home has been found for an inmate's newborn baby.

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Prison guards freely read inmates' letters between them and their lawyers.

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A prison guard tries to cover up a prison's drug smuggling problem by making a prisoner's overdose look like a suicide.

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Art supplies are a "privilege, not a right".

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Prisoners were banned from receiving books, so an inmate with a doctorate in English literature complained.

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"No training here, let's get them working." A private company running a prison cuts corners and fails to properly train its staff.

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