How FIERCE is your confidence?

Taria Pritchett
On Jun 14, 2016
How do you handle doubt, fear, and challenges?I try to avoid negativity in my life and mind, but it doesn't always workI overcome fear and doubt quickly and move forward with easeI let fear and worry hold me back from moving forwardHow much do you belief in yourself?I believe I am all that and a bag of chips!I believe I'm worthy, but not always convinced that I'm really all thatI believe I'm not good enough and like I'm lacking oftenHow often do you make "me time" a priority in your life?I get time for myself sometime, but its hard to squeeze it inI regularly have "me time" built into my scheduleI rarely make time for myselfWhere do you find your happiness?I look outside of myself for happiness sometimeI look inside of myself to make me happy. I usually depend on outside forces for my happiness and pleasure (ie. food, relationships, etc) How often do you compare yourself to others?I often compare myself to othersSometimes I find myself comparing myself to othersI admire others, but rarely do I compare myself to themHow comfortable are you speaking up?I only speak up when I am totally comfortableI am scared to speak up most of the timeI speak my mind whenever I so pleaseHow often do you practice forgiveness?I practice forgiveness on myself and others regularly because I don't want it to hold me backI practice forgiveness sometimes but I'm not always convinced that it worksForgiveness is hard for me so I don't practice it oftenHow do you feel about your appearance and body?I like my appearance and my body most of the timeMost days I'm really not feeling myself...I would look better if I lost weight or changed somethingI'm feeling myself. I love my body, flaws and allWhat type of romantic relationships do you attract into your life? (If single, answer based on past)I attract/have a good man in my life who honors, cherishes, and values meI attract/have a decent man in my life, things could be better thoughI attract different men, but all seem like they have the same issues. I can't seem to get away from that "type"How do you feel overall about your life?I often feel like I need to get myself togetherI have my life together and I'm happy with where I am right nowI feel like I have my life together, but still want to do and be better