Which Powerful Game Of Thrones Gal Are You?

Tanya Blumberg
On Jul 23, 2017
How do you like to consume your food?By any means possible! Get in my belly!!!With a knife and fork..I am a lady!Are you a girly girl or a tomboy?As long as I can move freely we good!!My flowy dresses and braided locks are an essential part of my life!Which of these Disney ladies do you relate to the most?ElsaMulanCinderella AnnaMeridaHeraIf you had to kill someone, which method would you use?PoisonDragonsSwordHoundsHave someone do it for youWhich of these is most tempting to you?Drinking a glass of wineSpending the day with your familyFinding your soulmateSpending time outdoorsThrowing a posh partySpending time with your petsWhich type of guy are you most attracted to?The outdoorsy guyIt depends The guy with the bucksThe playerThe good guy