We Can Guess How Educated You Are Based On How Well You Know This Alphabet!

How well do you know the Greek Alphabet??

Tanya Blumberg
Created by Tanya Blumberg
On Mar 15, 2017

Which letter represents omega:

Which letter represents chi:

Which letter represents psi:

Which letter represents alpha:

Which letter represents gamma:

Which letter represents beta:

Which letter represents theta:

Which letter represents pi:

Which letter represents xi:

Which letter represents sigma:

You are a College Graduate

You are a College Graduate

You graduated from college and clearly experienced the wonderful Greek system! You were able to recognize all the Greek letters which is seriously impressive!!

You've always had good communication skills, a clear sense of your goal, and a positive attitude. You were flexible and organized, and knew exactly when and how to seek help. You showed strong commitment to complete your program of study. Way to go!!

You are a High School Graduate

You are a High School Graduate

You were a decent high school student and that is why you knew some of the Greek alphabet. This is probably because you haven't experienced the thrill of Greek life in college yet!

You took interest in music and the arts, and considered yourself as defined by your internal compass. The idea of dropping out of society to get more in tune with yourself always made a lot of sense to you. Regardless, your time to experience the Greek life is almost apon you...so take advantage of it!

You are a High School Dropout

You are a High School Dropout

Oh no! You got most of the Greek letters incorrect!

You probably dropped out of high school simply because you didn't know what was expected of you. You were a sensitive kid with big ideas, a strong need for individuality, and the skills to interact effectively with others. Sometimes, it’s all you really need!!