Most Americans Cannot Complete These Ridiculously Tricky Phrases, Can You?

Do you have the ability to complete these tricky phrases? Most Americans cannot, can you? Find out now!

Tanya Blumberg
On Feb 21, 2019

He is taller ___ his brother.

My friend speaks many ___ languages.

I am ___ going to that party, it sounds fabulous!

This is my favorite song! ___ by Michael Jackson!

I have had far ___ much cake!

Her feelings were greatly ___ by his actions.

My friends got a new dog recently ___ neighbors aren't too pleased.

I'm sorry, I didn't ___ your letter.

This elephant is already ___ years old.

If something needs to be done, it is ___

I'll have everything ___ for mushrooms and olives, please.

What a show! I feel ___ inspired now!

Did you have a nice holiday? ___ so tanned!

I like to ___ down for 20 minutes when I'm tired.

I am very ___ of the way I dress.

He has a ___ sense of humor.

I like to have Italian food ___.

Sally ___ met with our clients this morning.

My son thought my jokes were too ___ .

She made the announcement ___ .

You are an English Genius!!!

You are an English Genius!!!


Hello there Professor!
You got the highest score this test can possibly offer. It means you knew ALL (or at least 99.9%) of these tricky phrases.
You have an obsession with books and words which goes perfectly with your imaginative and innovative personality. There is a 95% chance you are an introvert.
And you definitely have a gift with words.

You are smart!

You are smart!

You knew almost every word in this test and when you didn't know it, you used your English skills to cleverly guess the correct answer.

This means that the size of your English vocabulary is huge and you probably LOVE to read. You must be observant, introspective, self-disciplined, and mature.