How Should You Navigate Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation This Year?

If you're going to make it through Thanksgiving dinner with your sanity, you're going to need a battle plan. Allow us to give you one!

Tanner Sterling
Created by Tanner Sterling
On Nov 22, 2016

Who will you be spending the day with?

Will the event be in your home?

Will people be drinking alcohol?

Where do you think your family/friends get most of their news?

Do you and your friends/family lean in a similar political direction?

Republicans are...

Democrats are...

Will football be on the TV?

Are you staying with them the entire weekend?

Will you be seeing these people at Christmas?

Treat dinner as an open forum

Treat dinner as an open forum

You're in good company and should feel confident that any opinions you express will be shared or at least thoughtfully acknowledged. Drink, eat and be merry! Chances of an argument: 0-20%

Pick your topics and words wisely.

Pick your topics and words wisely.

There might be some at the table who share your views on (insert hot topic here) but others probably don't. You're going to want to carefully approach any political discussion -- especially if people are drinking. And God help you if religion/race/women's rights comes into the conversation. Chances of an argument: 40-70%

Just eat and keep your trap shut.

Just eat and keep your trap shut.

You're not going to sway anybody's opinion so try to avoid talking about the election or any of the hot topics in the news. Seriously, you know it's only going to end with somebody chucking a drumstick at your head. If you must converse, stick to sports, movies or cute stories about that thing your pet did. Chances of an argument: 80-100%