What's your sci-fi meeting persona?

Happy Star Wars Day from FoxDen powered by ReadyTalk -- video meeting and online collaboration. May the 4th be with you. In honor of one of the best science fiction franchises of all time -- giving room for other great programs -- we have your meeting personality quiz. Determine your inner ... or outer … sci-fi meeting geek.

Created By FoxDen
On May 3, 2016

You just saved someone’s computer from being utterly destroyed. That someone says, “I love you!” Your response is:

Do you know when System Admin Day is?

Do any of these terms mean anything to you? Perl, TNG, sudo, Browncoat, Gallifrey, sith or grok?

Your most peaceful state of existence is ….

Your favorite traveling companion is ....

You're afraid of ...?

You rush into danger ….

John or Dawn Solo - Remote rebel

John or Dawn Solo - Remote rebel

Remote rebel!

You’re the coolest nerd around. You work while doing what you want to do -- from tinkering with your car to roaming the streets of your city in search for coffee. You're mobile, relying on your smartphone to do everything, including meet.

You don’t like to speak geek, but you know a thing or two. There’s not much that can rattle your cage -- even the biggest IT issues. Just don’t get too cocky. Although being you does make it tough not to be cocky.

Keep going remote like rebels do. We’re with ya at FoxDen.

Dr. Wu - Power Collaborator

Dr. Wu - Power Collaborator

Power collaborator.

You’re a little bit out there and you’re completely unique. You look good in a bow tie -- because bow ties are cool. You attract a lot of friends and fans. People depend on you sometimes more than you think they should. But they can’t help it -- you’re smart and have amazing timing; you always show up at the right time.

You like to meet and collaborate. You can’t help it -- you’re a people person. And … you hate robot voices when you call for support; you think they’re evil sounding. (We do too!)

You’re a power collaborator even if you could get the job done on your own. Use FoxDen to do some power collaborating.

Mr. or Ms. Schpock - Everyone's favorite participant

Mr. or Ms. Schpock - Everyone's favorite participant

Everyone wants you in the meeting.

Your hobbies are probably quantum physics and robotics. You’re almost a chess master. You may have been a budding chemist or computer programmer when you were a kid because overachieving is what you do.

You’re the most logical person you know, even if deep inside are feelings begging to get out. You may feel alone, but everyone likes you. Everyone. Your co-workers adore you. Yes, adore. Get used to it.

You’re all about meeting efficiency and probabilities. You’re the one everyone wants in the room to collaborate. FoxDen wants you in the room, too! (Sorry about the emotions.)

Cal or Val Renolds - Meeting leader

Cal or Val Renolds - Meeting leader

The host or hostess with the most or most-ess.

You’re so nice. You probably bike to work and on the way help little old ladies across the street. Yeah, we have your number. You pretend to be bad, but you’re not. Whether you’re a white-hat hacker or you’re just helping your mom with her computer, you’re going to do the right thing.

You’re a leader. It comes with the territory; people look up to you to get set direction and guidance. You’re easy going enough, but if someone messes with your team ... look out!

You’re the meeting leader and host. Get your team going with FoxDen!