Work-From-Home Experts Reveal the Best Tools and Gadgets for Prime Productivity

Working remotely? You need these gadgets.

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On May 13, 2021

With so many people moving to a remote position, it's time to make your home space feel a little bit more like an office. No, we don't mean the distractions and the noisy coworkers... We mean a separate area designated for working and getting things done! If you're new to the working-from-home lifestyle, a few experts (who have been working from home for 10+ years) have suggested these tools and gadgets for working well from your personal living space. Check them out...


A Comfortable Chair

When sitting at a table for 8 or more hours a day, the last thing anyone wants to be is uncomfortable. If you know you're switching to remote work, one of the first investments you should make is a cushioned, supportive chair. Many people even choose to purchase gamer chairs because they're designed for people swiveling in them all day (and night) long. This purchase will be sure to keep your back and behind happy.


A Good Set of Headphones or Earbuds

One perk of working from home is that you can totally put headphones in and drown out any noises without annoying anyone around you. Blast the music that motivates you most and step into your own world! Experts recommend noise-cancelling headphones to those who get distracted from new noises, though any good set of headphones would work well. Just make sure they're comfortable, snug and fit to the ear.


A Bluetooth Keyboard

Oftentimes when we don't have coworkers to distract us, we look for other disturbances. If you're anything like us, cable clutter can be the ultimate distraction. Experts recommend keeping an organized working environment for top productivity so ultimate focus can be on the task at hand.


A Standing Desk

Some studies show that sitting for many hours on end can lead to terrible physical side effects, so it's better to be safe than sorry. A standing desk is the perfect solution to this issue! Many standing desks are adjustable so you don't have to worry about standing all day long, just when you want. If you want to make it a workout, you could get an under desk treadmill as well! This way you could get active, burn calories and crush that exercise ring while you work - Sounds pretty cool, huh?


A Multi-Port Hub

If you like to connect all your accessories to your computer at once (and then easily disconnect all of them when you're done), multi-port hubs are your solution. Featuring as much as two USB-A ports, one USB-C port, an SD Card slot, a Micro SD Card slot, an Ethernet jack, and an HDMI port, this will enable you to use your laptop with all at once! Crazy, huh?


An HD Webcam

For all the Zoom calls, Google hangouts, and other videochats you may have throughout the day... You're going to want to look your absolute best with great quality to match. Must we say more?


Reliable, High-Speed Internet Connection

Last, but certainly not least, good internet is a MUST! Having unreliable, poor internet connection could lead to many hours (if not days) of frustration due to trying to figure out and solve the problem... Which may not even be in your hands! In order to get work done efficiently, fast and reliable service is one of the most important - if not the most important - tool you could have for working remotely.

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