With SO Many New Shows to Stream, Which One Should You Binge Watch Next?

Finished watching one show? Find out which series should be your next...

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Oct 31, 2021

Whether you're nearing the end of a series or just finished one, it's always hard to decide which show you should watch next... Especially when SO MANY incredible shows and new seasons have just come out! Luckily for you, we've put together this quiz to help you figure out. Check it out below!

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Which of these TV genres is your favorite?

Do you like classic movies?

How long does it take you watch one season of a new show on Netflix?

Does your show need to have a happy ending?

Do you typically enjoy watching TV by yourself or with others?

How do you feel about cliffhangers?

What are your favorite types of games to play?

Do you like shows that make you cry?

Where do you binge watch most of your shows?

Last question (and this one's just for fun)! What's your favorite salty snack?



Based on your choices, we feel 'MAID' is the perfect next show for you to binge! Having just recently come out and with one mini-series available, it's an easy, fun show to watch in just a day or two. Cuddle your loved ones and watch this mama fight for her daughter, while working through the rough system in place for those who have been in abusive relationships. Don't worry, the ending is both nothing like what you'd expect, yet better than you think!

'Locke & Key'

'Locke & Key'

Based on your choices, we feel 'Locke & Key' is the perfect next show for you to binge! With two intense seasons, this show will have you hooked into all the horror and thrilling situations your heart has longed for.



Based on your choices, we feel 'YOU' is the perfect next show for you to binge! With three seasons, you can rest assured you have a show that'll take you at least a day or two to binge watch and keep you captivated. The show includes romance, action and some crazy moments that'll leave you wanting to know more. Enjoy!

What do you think about the show you received in your result?

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