This World Capital Quiz Is Stumping Even Top College Graduates

Majority of people can name big capitals such as Sacramento or Oklahoma City, but how many can get the lesser known cities?

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Jun 12, 2024
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Even the most intelligent, highest-in-their-class college grads are having a tricky time with this one. Our focus isn't really on the US, but countries all around the world... And we're curious to find out how much you truly know. Think you can pass this trivia test with flying colors? Or will it be a steep challenge for you like it is for others? Let's see...

>> Can You Match the National Anthem to the Right Country?

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Which is Greece's capital city?

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Select Spain's capital city:

3 / 10

How about Ukraine's capital?

4 / 10

Where is the US capital?

5 / 10

Which is Malta's capital city?

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Select Ecuador's capital city:

7 / 10

How about China's capital?

8 / 10

What's Costa Rica's capital?

9 / 10

Select Cambodia's capital city:

10 / 10

How about Egypt's capital?

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