This Quiz Will Determine if You’re Meant to Work Remotely or In-Person

Are you destined to work in the office?

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On May 6, 2021

Many of us who were used to working in an office, in-person, and with others were suddenly thrown into a world of remote work. Finally, things are getting back to normal and in-person offices are once again open! But that leaves the world with many people who got that taste of working from home, and now... They don't want that to change. Working from home has its advantages but so does working in person. So, which is your fate? Are you an in-person or remote type of person?

Your friends want to go out for brunch, what time do you agree on?

Pick your ideal work outfit or style:

Which statement best describes you?

In school did you enjoy group projects?

When you need a break, what do you do?

What sounds most like you?

Which makes you happiest?

The best part of working in an office is...



It turns out remote work is your destiny. Based on your responses, it seems you appreciate sleeping in, not commuting, and working in your own peaceful space. Having lots of people around just distracts you from your job, and you prefer doing things on your own time. Is this true? Let us know below.



You're meant to work in-person! You're a people pleaser, you bring the party with ya, and you have a positive attitude that's destined to be around and with others. Additionally, you enjoy separating a work space from your home space, so working in-person is great for feeling completely at peace when you get home. Is this true and are you working in-person? Let us know below...

Do you currently work from home or in-person?

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