These Actors Tend to Play Characters Much Younger Than Themselves… Do You Know Their Real Ages?

Sometimes actors do such a good job at playing their role, you'd never know they're actually twice as old as their character...

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Mar 13, 2022
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It would be easy to say most actors play someone their actual age, but truthfully, that's hardly ever the situation. Oftentimes, we'll see celebs play someone half their age! That show about high schoolers? Every actor was probably in their late 20's or early 30's - can you believe it?! Well, time to get down to business and see if you can guess these actors' ages at the time of filming... Let's get to it!

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How old was Joe Keery in the first season of 'Stranger Things'?

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How old was Barbra Streisand in 'Yentl'?

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How old was Jason Earles when 'Hannah Montana' first premiered?

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How old was Shirley Henderson when playing the role of Moaning Myrtle in 'Harry Potter'?

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How old was Paul Wesley in 'The Vampire Diaries'?

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How old was Jennifer Grey in 'Dirty Dancing'?

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How old was Chase Stokes when 'Outer Banks' first premiered?

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How old was Rachel McAdams when filming 'Mean Girls'?

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