The First Person to Get 100% On This Thanksgiving Trivia Test Deserves a Whole Turkey

Well, is stuffing truly the tur-key of your heart? Only this trivia test will tell...

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Nov 17, 2021

Thanksgiving is coming up sooner than you may realize, and we're here to test your knowledge before the special day! Let's see if you can get 100%...

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What is a snood?

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Where's the best place to put the meat thermometer in the turkey?

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In what decade was green bean casserole first created?

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What is a baby turkey called?

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Which is the only place in Australia that really celebrates Thanksgiving?

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Approximately how many Americans eat turkey at Thanksgiving?

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Which president did not agree to celebrating Thanksgiving as a national holiday?

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A full grown turkey has about how many feathers?

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On average, how many calories does an American usually eat during Thanksgiving?

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Approximately how many turkeys are eaten each year on Thanksgiving in the U.S.?

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