The Best Quiz to Find Out if You’re a Technology Geek

The ultimate quiz for the most tech-savvy people

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Mar 14, 2021

You likely use technology every day, or at least we all know you're using it right now! But...How much do you really know about it? Complete the quiz to find out!

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What technology is used to record cryptocurrency transactions?

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When was the Internet first created?

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What does it mean to uncloud?

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Which computer language is the most widely used?

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What does 'HTML' mean?

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Which mineral is commonly found in tech devices?

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Who founded Apple Computer?

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When was the first computer game invented?

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What tool would you use to reduce digital image size?

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Which device, released in 1993, gave rise to the term 'personal digital assistant'?

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