Test Your Knowledge of the Universe in This Challenging Space Quiz

Do you know what the atmosphere of Mars is mostly made of?

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Apr 29, 2021

With Space Day on May 7th, we want to see how much you know... Complete this 10 question quiz and let's find out!

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What term describes the alignment of three celestial bodies?

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How many times larger is the radius of the Sun than that of the Earth?

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What is the nucleus of a comet made of?

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The atmosphere in Mars is mostly composed of:

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What is the smallest planet in the solar system by mass?

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When did the Space Age begin?

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What makes a planet a dwarf planet?

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When was Pluto removed from the list of planets?

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What is the visible part of the Sun called?

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When was the first extrasolar planet discovered?

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