We'll Reveal the Craziest Hamburger For Your Next Meal

Have you ever thought of putting peanut butter in your burger?

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Jul 12, 2021

Calling all the biggest burger fans out there, this quiz is for you! Just answer 8 simple questions about your life and your hobbies and we'll reveal a weird, crazy, hamburger flavor you should totally try out. Check it out for yourself...

First, what generation are you part of?

What type of movie is your fave?

Which of these scares you most?

How many siblings do you have?

If you could live in any of these locations, which would it be?

Using one word, how would your closest friends describe you?

Which sport do you enjoy most?

Lastly, if you could only take one of these foods with you on a flight, which would it be?

Spaghetti Burger

Spaghetti Burger

Based on your answers, we think you'd thoroughly enjoy a spaghetti burger! From what you can see in the photo, a spaghetti burger is when the buns are removed and made of molded spaghetti - with the added excitement of tomato sauce and cheese. Sounds pretty funky and delicious, huh?

PB & J Burger

PB & J Burger

Based on your answers, we think you'd really enjoy a peanut butter and jelly burger. The person who made the burger in the photo decided to add some bacon as well, but you can mix it up how you like it! Essentially, this type of burger removes the typical ketchup, mayo or mustard and adds PB&J instead. How do you feel about it?

Mac & Cheese Burger

Mac & Cheese Burger

Based on your answers, we think you'd totally enjoy a mac and cheese burger! Just slather some tasty macaroni and cheese onto that burger in between two buns, and call it a day. Think you'd try it?

Would you try the type of burger we suggested?

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