Sorry Americans, Only British People Will Get At Least 70% on This Quiz

Only those who are up to date with all-things-British will ace this quiz

Tal Garner
Created by Tal Garner
On Sep 30, 2021

Yes, the title is meant to be a challenge for you to take on. British people, you'll likely ace this quiz with flying colors! The rest of you? Eh, well, good luck!

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What is the most prominent religion in the UK?

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What British queen is the head of state of Canada?

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What is the minimum compulsory school leaving age in the UK?

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What Irish event resulted in the deaths of about one million people?

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Which of these is considered poor etiquette in the UK?

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After English (and Welsh in Wales), which language is the most commonly spoken mother tongue in the UK?

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Which of the following nationalities has the largest number of UK residents?

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What country is a commonwealth of Britain?

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Which of the following was not invented in the UK?

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What does the US do to their eggs that the UK does not?

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